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Now and then I travel overseas for professional reasons. In doing so, jetlag and discomfort have been my steady companions. But at the end of April this year it was different: I had the Qi-Mobile in my trouser pocket for the first time and got off the plane in Hong Kong completely relaxed. I also digested the return flight from Beijing well, thanks to the Qi-Mobile, and my wife was visibly surprised how I had put away the long return trip. That was a new experience for her.

I think I owe it all to the Qi-Mobile.

Alexander Druckenmüller




For years (2003) I've had sleep problems. In 2015 it was so bad that I hallucinated partly because of lack of sleep. A friend recommended the Qi-Home to me. In mid-May 2015 I installed the Qi-Home. I asked him when this device would start working, and he replied “at once”. In fact, after I placed the Qi-Home, I immediately slept through the night. It's incredible how good I feel now. I'd like to recommend the device to others.

Lisbeth With




I bought a Qi-Business for my office. In the office there are several PCs and monitors in a very small space, and there was always a tense atmosphere. Especially in the late afternoon, focus and concentration dropped whereas tiredness increased. After a few days, a very pleasant atmosphere was noticeable and the tiredness completely disappeared: I am mentally very concentrated and fit until the evening hours. My ability to recognize problems, analyze them and arrive at solutions had become astonishingly faster and much more effective.

Thank you so much for the development of these very impressive devices!”

Boris Tertan (Sevelen/Switzerland)


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