How can I determine the effect?

The devices reduce radiation exposure to your body. Therefore, we recommend that you complete the questionnaire before you receive the device, and after you have used it for 28 days.
It is also advisable to use a sleep tracker, as the release of adrenaline usually affects the quality of sleep and, thanks to the devices, an improvement can often be noticed.

We test the devices and their effectiveness by measuring the reduction of field strengths. If you have professional measuring equipment and a radiation-free room, this can be measured especially well with directional antennas. If you wish, you can send in your device, and we will test it with regard to these properties for you. All devices that are sent to our customers are in a flawless, functional condition.

Am I protected by a Qi device even though there is radiation in the room?

If you own a Qi device, the radiation in the room will decrease. However, you will still be able to make phone calls and use WiFi, and this radiation is no longer perceived as harmful by the body, according to our biological studies.

How long does it take until the field of activity has completely built up?

The complete build-up of the field of activity takes 12 hours with the Qi-Home, 24 hours with the Qi-Max, and only about 1 minute with the Qi-Shield and Qi-Mobile.

Where is the best place to set up my stationary Qi device?

It is advisable to place the Qi device as a centrally as possible in order to cover the whole house / apartment with its field of activity. It is important to ensure that the device is positioned at least 50 cm away from all electrical end devices and wall sockets to ensure that the field of activity is unrestricted.

Likewise, the stationary Qi device should have 30 cm upward space to the ceiling / furniture, etc.

Can I put objects, such as a vase, on the Qi device?

No. The object can cause the energy field to build up unevenly, which means that the full effect is not available.

How long is the lifetime of the Qi devices?

The service life of the Qi-Mobile and Qi-Shield is approximately 5 years, that of the Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max 8 years.

Are there any interactions with homeopathic remedies?

No, no interactions are known to us.

How do I use the Qi-Mobile?

You can simply carry the Qi-Mobile with you and keep it as close to your body as possible (in the backpack, the jacket pocket, the center console of your car). The layer of electrons the Qi-Mobile generates and places on the skin will protect you from the harmful effects of radiation caused by communications technology.

How can I order?

You can order in our online shop shop on our website www.waveguard.com send an e-mail to bestellung@waveguard.com bestellung@waveguard.com, or call our customer service under +49 3591 5 94 75 43.


Is payment by installments possible?

Payment by installments is currently only possible for private customers from Germany via installment payment powered by Paypal.

Is the shipment secure?

Our devices are well packed so that they can withstand rough handling. In the run-up to the shipment, we carried out various drop tests so that we could adapt our packaging to the conditions.

Do you also ship to Switzerland?

Yes, we ship VAT-free to Switzerland and register the shipment with customs so that it is delivered directly to you. You will then have to pay Swiss VAT and customs duty.

Can I test / rent the Qi devices?

Unfortunately we do not offer a test period for our devices. The purchase will be handled by prepayment, which means that you first transfer the money to us and, after receipt of payment, you will receive the device.


After delivery, you have a 30-day right of return. If you do not notice any changes, you can let us know within these 30 days and return the device to us. You can then choose whether we refund your money or whether you would rather receive an exchange device.

Can I also take the Qi-Mobile with me to an x-ray examination?

In principle, you can take the device with you anywhere. However, in the case of an MRI you should avoid it. The cover plate is made of stainless steel, alloyed with gold. This would be attracted in the magnetic resonance tomograph, which would interfere with the imaging. In the x-ray cabin, the Qi-Mobile can function without any problems.

What radiation does the Qi technology protect against, and does it interfere with the reception of my WiFi router, for example?

The Qi technology protects against radiation such as WiFi, mobile phone radiation and electrosmog. Negatively charged electrons settle on the skin like a protective layer and thus act as a shield against the radiation. Our devices do not change the radiation that is emitted, but rather protect people from it. Thus there is no impairment of reception.

Are there any difficulties in screening the devices at the airport?

From previous experiences of our customers we can say that, with the Qi-Home, Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Mobile, you can get through the security checks at the airport without any problems. Certainly you have to consider that each country has its own security regulations. Please inform yourself about these regulations before departure. The screening at the security checkpoint does not cause any damage to our devices.


Please note that only the Qi-Home Cell is suitable for taking along in the cargo hold of the aircraft. For all other products, the temperatures there are too low, and the products may be damaged.

What is the dispatch / billing procedure for customers from Switzerland (customs, VAT)?

If you are a resident in Switzerland, we will issue the invoice tax-free. Shipping to Switzerland results in import tax and customs costs which you as a customer have to pay. This amount will be charged by Swiss customs after delivery to you.


If you have your goods delivered to a German address, we will charge you 19% VAT because the goods were not exported by us. We do not offer a refund of the VAT in connection with the independent import into Switzerland.

How long does the shipping take?

The dispatch within Germany takes place in 1 to 2 days after receipt of payment. To Austria, it will take about 3 to 4 days. Shipping to Switzerland takes about 5 to 10 days.

Is there the possibility of discounts and / or can I also finance a purchase?

Discounts are possible within the scope of planned actions. In order to be informed about them, we recommend that you register for our newsletter.

In cooperation with the payment service provider PayPal, financing / installment payment is possible.

What is the difference between Qi-Home and Qi-Home Cell?

The Qi-Home Cell is a further development of the Qi-Home. The biggest difference is mainly a comprehensive protection against radiation caused by communication technology, and the additional integrated energy field emitted via the built-in copper ring, noticeable directly on contact.

Can I take the Qi-Home Cell into the room where I am currently working, sleeping, etc.?

The Qi-Home Cell works best when it is placed continuously in one place and is not moved. As soon as the Qi-Home Cell is lifted and, for example, carried into another room, the energy field is disturbed and collapses. It then takes a while again, depending upon the strength of the movement, until the energy field is completely rebuilt. This can take several hours.

What influence do the walls in my house / apartment have on the energy field of the Qi-Home Cell?

Up to a wall thickness of 40 cm, the energy field is not weakened.

In the online shop I can choose between the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. What if I live in another country?

In principle, we supply all countries. If your country is not listed in the online shop, please contact us directly. We will then either refer you to one of our exclusive local partners or determine the conditions for delivery from Germany.

I already own a Qi-Home Cell. Why do I also need to an Echo NHM130?

The Qi-Home Cell does not filter water. In our tap water, which is the basis, there are still various pollutants, heavy metals, drug residues and much more. The city of Leipzig, for example, is building a large activated carbon filter to get a grip on the pollutants in the tap water.


The filtering process of the water with activated carbon by the Echo NHM 130 deteriorates the fine structure of the water, which can be restored by the Qi-Home Cell. Therefore the Qi-Home Cell and Echo NHM 130 represent a perfect symbiosis.


Both products also have complementary functions: the Echo NHM 130 enriches the water with molecular hydrogen, the Qi-Home Cell enriches the water with light frequencies, thereby enhancing the quality of the water to an even higher level than in Lourdes (place of pilgrimage with spa in France).

I have received my Qi-Home Cell and, at this time, feel no effect. Why is that?

There are two different ways to approach the topic. Firstly, there are the test possibilities to prove the effect of the Qi-Home Cell. This requires appropriate technical equipment which, unfortunately, is not yet fully accessible to laymen. The devices measurably reduce radiation exposure on the body, and this can also be tested by us.


The “feeling” of the devices is much more difficult to answer here. Each person is individual. Every body functions and works in its own way. So the effects of the Qi-Home Cell and the Qi-Technology are also felt differently by each living being. Many people feel the effects of the device quickly and intensively. The experience of not very sensitive people is more restrained in the first moment. With these customers, an improvement of, for example, sleeping and recovery / recreation has only been shown by using the device for 20 to 30 days. It is important to understand that there is no patent recipe for the reactions of the human being and the body to the Qi-Technology. Every person is individual, and we love this diversity. Our experience by testing the devices of customers who “don't feel” anything has shown that the devices work in 99.99 % of cases. It is the customer's own responsibility to ensure that the expectations are not too high. Our products are in flawless and functional condition when they are shipped. Just because you do not feel an immediate effect, you do not have to assume the worst.

On the other hand, our advice is this: give the device, and most importantly yourself, enough time to get to know the technology. Many people today have forgotten to listen to their bodies: when we are tired, we drink coffee instead of sleeping. When we have headaches, we take pills instead of rest, fresh air and water. That is why today already 40-year-olds suffer a heart attack, stroke or burnout. So it can happen that the body cannot directly perceive the sensitive effects of our Qi-Technology. As an opportunity to compare your own body condition before and during the use of the Qi-Home Cell, you can have your blood values checked by your general practitioner. A blood test before and after about 20 to 30 days is recommended. In the process, particularly attention should be paid to the following value: ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Almost all blood values improve due to the protection against radiation.