Carefree On The Go – Your Exclusive Radiation Protection against 5G, Satellites and other Technical Devices

Are you familiar with this? You are on your way to work. Whether by train, bus or streetcar, everywhere we see people making calls with their cellphones, chatting, making online purchases, listening to music, or obtaining information. And we, too, are using these new opportunities in our fast-paced society. However, all of this can only function with technology continuously being developed further, and with Internet connections becoming constantly faster and better. At home we are capable to protect ourselves against the different radiation-related influences, for instance by using shielding mats, special wall colors and similar things. But when on the go, radiation exposure is oftentimes significantly higher, for instance through multiple, overlapping radio communications. Waveguard offers the solution: our radio protection devices for mobile use!

Did you know that the Qi-Shield is the first radiation protection product that is certified by the German TÜV? Take a look here!